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Q What are the leading and time-tested antimicrobial products for the Ethanol Industry?
A Virginiamycin and penicillin are the leading antimicrobial treatment for the US Ethanol Industry.
Q The current suppliers to the US industry offer both products and blends …Why doesn’t PhibroChem?
A PhibroChem exclusively markets LACTROL®, which features100% virginiamycin activity, for the Ethanol Industry. PhibroChem’s research and development work has long identified penicillin as a less efficacious product for the ethanol industry. PhibroChem’s affiliate company Phibro Animal Health is the only producer of Virginiamycin in the world.
Q How do other antimicrobial suppliers get their virginiamycin?
A Phibro Animal Health Division markets several products containing virginiamycin for livestock nutrition. Competing antimicrobial suppliers are not buying LACTROL® direct from PhibroChem, so we conclude they purchase animal feed grade virginiamycin from overseas importers of our Phibro Animal Health products and blend it into their products.
Q Is animal feed grade virginiamycin identical to LACTROL®?
A No. Our Animal Health Division adds binders (glue) and fillers and oil to their products which are beneficial for animals but provide no benefit (and are possibly detrimental) to alcohol production. LACTROL® contains only virginiamycin and dextrose and it has 100% activity.
Q Can the competing antimicrobial products containing animal feed grade virginiamycin be more cost effective than LACTROL®?
A No. In fact they are much more costly. LACTROL® at even 25% of its recommended maintenance dosage will outperform the more dilute products containing virginiamycin being offered by some suppliers.
Q Does PhibroChem only promote virginiamycin to the ethanol industry since an affiliate is the world’s only producer?
A No. PhibroChem’s Technical Director is looking for the best products period. We are committed to providing the ethanol industry the best processing aids. That is why we introduced Neotrol to help control the occurrence of gram negative bacterial.

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