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GRAS - Generally Recognized As Safe

Ethanol Services & Expertise

Our Mission

PhibroChem is a leading global supplier of antimicrobials and performance solutions to the ethanol industry. We are dedicated to the ethanol plants we serve and offer a range of value added services to our customers.

Our Team

Our Ethanol Performance Group includes our Director of Research and Development with 16 years in fuel ethanol production, and a North American field sales and service team comprised of individuals with engineering and science degrees possessing more than 50 years of industry experience focusing on the industrial and agricultural markets. Our technical leader, Dr. Bayrock, is a well published and recognized expert in all areas concerning the production of ethanol and grain spirits. Dr. Bayrock has his PhD in Applied Microbiology from the University of Saskatchewan and manages PhibroChem's R&D and lab facility dedicated to the ethanol industry.

Our Company

As the sole manufacturer of virginiamycin in the world, Phibro Animal Health Corporation and its divisions take a leadership role in many industries including Animal Feed Additives and Nutrients, Industrial Chemicals, Cosmetics, Auto Paint and Coatings and Fuel Ethanol. PAHC supports each of these industries with technical innovation, on-going research, and quality customer service.

We are a global company and we strive to bring our experts, global experience, and commitment together to serve your industry with quality products and services.


Product Description CAS #
Lactrol® Proprietary blend of virginiamycin and dextrose CAS # 11006 - 76 - 1


Industry Training
  • On site operator and management training
  • General ethanol production
  • Yeast nutrition
  • Process contamination
  • Distillation
  • Lower start up costs
  • Improve plant health
  • Lower maintenance costs
Customer Service
  • Industry experts
  • Experienced sales team
  • Proper territory coverage
  • Dedicated customer service managers
  • Logistics support
  • Safer chemical management
  • Lower maintenance costs
Lab Services
  • Located at the University of Saskatchewan
  • Complete microbiology lab
  • Complete R&D facility
  • Improve operating conditions
  • Increase process knowledge
  • Lower treatment costs
Sampling Kit Program
  • Quick and easy access to our lab services
  • Replacement program
  • Contains all bottles, cold packs, and documentation
  • Identify plant contamination
  • Identify specific organisms
  • Optimize dosing
  • Approximately 25 PhD's, DVM's, chemists and technicians in PAHC
  • Dedicated microbiologists and R&D facility to the ethanol industry
  • Address industry concerns
  • New innovative products
Plant Audits
  • Microbial audits
  • Yeast health audits
  • Process audits
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower treatment costs
  • Higher yields

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